Tips from Property Management Experts on Screening Potential Tenants

The success of an apartment business greatly depends on the type of tenants it accepts. As a landlord, you can’t simply allow anyone to rent your property. You need to set qualifications to prevent missed or delayed payments, conflicts, and inappropriate behaviors at the property. To properly qualify tenants, you need a thorough screening process. This is an important step to determining a person’s background, rental history, and financial capability.

There are important steps to remember during the screening process.


Creating a detailed application form is essential to obtaining all the information you need about the tenant. You may want to gain details about their current and previous employers, income rate, bank account and credit card information, personal references, and their previous landlords’ contact numbers.


Property Management Pros: Helpful Tips to Appeal to Younger Renters

Right now, millennials or those who were born in the 1980s to 2000s are the biggest renting demographics, and it looks like it’s going to be that way for a little while longer. Millennials, it seems, are not looking to settle down anytime soon thanks to student loans, the recession, and a tough employment market. To any landlord, it would only make sense to try to appeal to the younger generation. Property management companies in Lakewood might be able to help you here.

Speak Their Language

There’s no easier way to relate to millennials than by speaking in their language. Most of them communicate via social media and mobile nowadays, and landlords should recognize the potential these channels hold for marketing their property.

Cypress Property Management: A Few Tips to Help You Market Your Rental

You finally decided to go through with it. You’ve purchased your very own rental property and now you’re busy making the place look nice for your prospective tenant. After all, appearance counts for a lot when it comes to showing off your rental to a new client. You never know, your prospective client might just sign your contract on the spot if your rental looks just right.

While you know exactly how you want your new rental property to look like, you might still be unsure how you can attract potential tenants. Marketing real estate can be a challenge, especially when it’s your first time. Nonetheless, it can be worth it, especially when you secure your first tenant.